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Meet Kat Biro

Practice Manager

Kat Biro

Kat Biro

National Diploma in Dental Nursing NEBDN 2012

I joined the team of Family Dental Care in July 2018 where I met not only new colleagues but new friends as well.

The team’s caring support, which I got from my very first day onward is the same that we offer to our patients too.

I have been a dental nurse since 2010. My chair side strengths are anxious patient management and children’s support.

When Family Dental Care joined the Dentex Group in February 2019, I was offered the practice manager’s role which I find equally challenging and fulfilling.

I am always on the go and often find it hard to slow down. Yoga has helped me a lot to get more grounded and slow down my pace. I got into it that much that I even qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016.

I love long muddy forest walks, dogs (dogs a lot!) , reading, travelling, coffee, swimming (butterfly stroke  is my fave), photography and hot summer days.

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